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Don’t lose focus on what is important to the recipe of success for your enterprise. When you are facing a significant challenge in one aspect of your business, you often end up neglecting the other important factors making your enterprise whole.
Our expertise in Manufacturing and Operations Performance Management can help you setup a balance between the indicators you should never lose focus on: EHS, Quality, Service, Cost, People.

  • Operating System
  • Five pillars of success (EHS, Quality, Service, Cost, People)
  • Governance
  • Operations Management Models
  • Project management Models
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Matrix
  • Deployment

Because we are sure that at times you find yourself doubting your priorities or the decisions leading to directional shifts, our team can help with structuring and setting up a customized and detailed program for priority setting and project management performance.

From progress tracking through their successful implementation and effectiveness verification, your projects and important initiatives will reflect more solid decisions in-line with the company’s goals and objectives.

  • Custom Program Setting
  • Tools (project life cycle)
  • Templates and standardization

LEAN is often interpreted as a vast and heavy program that is much based on theory and its application is deemed dependent on the training and skills of those who will implement it. With us, LEAN is primarily a way of thinking in how you conduct business. LEAN doesn’t have to be a program rolled over years. This is why our committed and knowledgeable consultants have the hands-on experience and expertise to guide and support you either through focused consultations on specific technical or processes improvement issues or larger operational issues through more comprehensive management of an entire program. Regardless of your need, our range of services can help you achieve performance and enhance your company’s value in every step of the way.

  • Continuous Improvement Basics
  • RCA (program setting, tools, training)
  • PDCA (The Deming circle)
  • Kaizen Events (customized to specific needs)
  • Value Stream Mapping (identification of NVA activities)
  • Waste Reduction (the 8 types of waste)
  • Pull systems (production and transactional)
  • Visual management
  • TPM
  • Standard Work
  • Quick changeovers (SMED approach)
  • 5S Program (Program setting, Training, Customization, Implementation, Auditing, Improvement)
  • Kanban
  • Reporting, KPI setting and tracking for production management

As it appears, most challenges in your company require a special set of tools. We all have experienced that solving issues is much dependent on the tools used in combination with how they are applied.

Complex problems require a set of tools that is not always natural to everyone. This is why our experts will provide you with a systemic approach to problem solving and will guide you through the most complex problematic to achieve the expected results. Theory is one thing but in practice we often realize that performance and achievement are just metrics to which we have to set the goals and targets.

  • DMAIC Tools
  • SIPOC, C&E Matrix, FMEA, Gap Analysis, Countermeasures

We have all received valuable feedback at some point in our career either from employees directly, through focus groups or worst, through exit interviews of employees holding critical positions. The question is more what have you done with that feedback and how have you used it to increase the retention level of your talent, to develop your high potentials or simply support and train your people.

We know that it is not always easy to capitalize on that feedback and this why we offer practical solutions to help you increase the performance of your individuals or teams.

  • Coaching and OJT
  • Customized training for Supervisors, shift leads, first line leaders
  • Leadership
  • Cost conscious
  • Systematic approach to problem solving
  • Manage stress
  • Basics of supervision (resource planning, KPI setting, getting things done, delegation, …etc.)


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